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IV Sedation: Is It Right for You?

August 11, 2023

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A dentist prepping a patient for IV sedation

Undergoing dental treatments, especially when you have severe anxiety or you’re going to be in the dentist’s chair for a long time, can be nerve-wracking. If you’re one of the millions of Americans who has put off their treatment due to these factors, IV sedation dentistry might be the answer, but understanding its suitability for your specific situation is crucial.

Continue reading to explore IV sedation, how it’s used, and the factors that determine whether you’re a good candidate, helping you make an informed decision for your dental care.

What is IV Sedation?

Intravenous (IV) sedation is a solution of chemicals that are administered through an IV drip in your vein. These chemicals will quickly dull sensations in the body and mind to allow your dentist to perform your treatments.

When used for dentistry, you are usually conscious and still able to perceive the world around you even while under the effects of the drug. This implies that you can still react to spoken instructions or gentle physical cues, and there shouldn’t be a requirement for assistance with breathing as with unconscious sedation methods.

Can I Have IV Sedation During My Treatment?

There are several factors that must be considered by your dentist when considering you as a candidate for IV sedation.

  • Do you need extensive work done? If you need several treatments performed at once, the treatment time will take a considerable amount of time. It can be hard to remain alert and still for what could take hours.
  • Do you have someone to drive you home? IV sedation will make you groggy and unable to drive for several hours after your treatments. You’ll need someone who can deliver you home safely.
  • Do you have any underlying conditions? IV sedation is safe for most people, but your dentist will ask you several questions about your physical health before determining if you are a good candidate.

It is ultimately your dentist who can declare whether or not you are a good candidate for IV sedation, but if you have the three things above handled, your chances are very good.

What Does IV Sedation Feel Like?

Once the IV is introduced to your body and begins to take effect, you may start to feel groggy, or hazy. Your senses will dull, even your sense of time. Many patients who have undergone IV sedation report that they don’t remember doing their treatment at all.

Since the solution dulls all sensation in your body, it will further prevent you from feeling any pain during your treatment. You may feel some pressure on your teeth while your dentist works, but there should be little feeling beyond this other than a tingle in your limbs.

Determining whether IV sedation is suitable for your dental procedure requires careful consideration of your individual needs and the advice of your dentist. Your well-being is important, and modern dental practices offer various sedation choices to accommodate your preferences.

About the Author

Dr. Keyvan Kar believes in using the right equipment for the job every time. This is why after graduating from the University of Cologne School of Dentistry, Dr. Kar completed years of intense additional training at the University of Southern California to become a prosthodontist. He now uses his skills to provide friendly and life-changing treatment to all of his patients. To schedule an appointment or learn more about sedation options at Advanced Dental Care of Allen, visit the website or call (214) 260-9911.

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