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Dental Implants – Allen, TX

Replace Missing Teeth Seamlessly

Dr. Kar showing patient a dental implant plan

Congratulations! You have taken the first step to restoring your smile with quality dental implants. You are now one step closer to living healthier and smiling more. We know that you may have many questions while you begin your search for a dental implant specialist, so we are here to assist you at every step of the way.

As a courtesy, Advanced Dental Care offers a complimentary consultation for all dental implant services. We look forward to visiting with you and providing exceptional care!

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Implant process concept

A dental implants’ success is contingent on the process that is used to place and restore them. The procedure begins with an in-depth consultation, during which we will evaluate your candidacy for this treatment. Then, we’ll discuss your implant options, answer any questions you may have, and plan your placement surgery. After your new replacement tooth roots are in place, our team will provide you with a custom prosthesis to serve as the visible portion of your new smile.

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What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Smiling senior woman looking at teeth in mirror

There are many benefits to getting dental implants with Dr. Kar and Advanced Dental Care:

Depending on your specific needs, Dr. Kar and our team may recommend one of the following procedures:

Missing One Tooth

Implant dental crown before placement

Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone. The implants fuse to the bone, providing a strong and stable support for prosthetic teeth. Once the implant integrates to the bone, Dr. Kar will then place an abutment and crown. Unlike dentures, which are removed every night for cleaning, implants are permanent. We offer four main types of dental implants, including implant solutions for individual missing teeth.

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Missing Multiple Teeth

Animation of implant fixed bridge

Multi-teeth implants are also known as an "implant bridge." This procedure is perfect for anyone missing two or more teeth on the same side of the mouth. Rather than replacing multiple teeth separately, an implant bridge requires less time and is more effective in preventing bone loss and restoring your smile.

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Missing All of Your Teeth

Animaiton of implant denture

Do you have an uncomfortable or unreliable denture you just can’t trust to stay in place? With an implant-retained denture, you can finally get a set of teeth you can rely on. The prosthetic teeth are anchored in place using multiple dental implants positioned within the jawbone, and not only is the fit extremely secure, but you can trust it to last as well. Plus, implant-retained dentures restore much more of a patient’s biting strength compared to traditional ones, enabling them to enjoy a wider variety of foods with ease.

  1. All-on-4 Treatment Concept

    The All-on-4 procedure is ideal for anyone that needs to replace an entire arch/row of teeth. If you have multiple missing teeth, All-on-4 is ideal because it will prevent bone loss and save you from needing additional dental implant work in the future.

    Learn More about All-On-4 Dental Implants

  2. Implant Overdentures

    Implant overdentures are also ideal for anyone that needs to replace an entire arch or row of teeth. This procedure is a more affordable option compared to All-on-4 and may be an alternative that Dr. Kar can recommend. However, it is important for Dr. Kar and our team to diagnose your current needs before making a recommendation.

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Advanced Dental Implant Procedures

Sinus lift illustration

If it has been a while since you lost your teeth, your jawbone may have lost a significant amount of height or density. It might be too weak or thin to support dental implants. Thanks to a bone graft and/or sinus lift, however, you may still be able to experience all of the benefits of an implant-supported smile. Both of these procedures help to fortify a patient’s bone and build it up so the implants have the strong base of support they need in order to thrive.

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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Smiling senior man in dental chair

Replacing lost teeth with dental implants is a procedure that varies significantly from person to person. Factors that could influence cost include the number of implants/teeth that require reconstruction, the number of abutments, the style and material of the chosen restoration, and whether any procedures like bone grafting and periodontal therapy are necessary beforehand to ensure success. During your first consultation, Dr. Kar will be able to better understand your specific needs and provide a confident price estimate. Low-interest financing through CareCredit is available at our office for patients who would like to break down their overall cost into multiple payments.

Why Choose Advanced Dental Care?

Receiving dental implants is a life-changing decision that will improve your overall health, restore your smile, and enhance your quality of life. We believe that it is important to work with a dedicated professional when restoring something as personal and important as your teeth. While a general/family dentist may provide excellent care for some restorative treatments, a prosthodontist has at least three years of advanced training beyond dental school that enables them to help patients who have cases that require more advanced treatment. As a licensed prosthodontist, Dr. Kar has trained with some of the best dental institutions in the world and is part of an elite community of oral health care providers.

During your initial consultation with us, we will help answer all of the questions you may have about the process, costs, and benefits associated with the procedure, as well as address any fears you may have about the treatment. This way, you can move forward with your dental implant procedure with confidence.

To schedule your FREE implant consultation and start rebuilding your smile today, give us a call.

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