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Toothaches – Allen, TX

Preventing and Treating Dental Pain

Woman with toothache in Allen, holding hand against face

Toothaches are a common problem, afflicting millions of people across the U.S. each year. Some toothaches are so painful that they are debilitating, while others just cause mild discomfort — but all toothaches should be taken seriously and warrant a call to your emergency dentist in Allen. But exactly what causes toothaches, and how can they be prevented and treated? This page discusses the answers to those questions.

Causes of Toothaches

Dental professionals examining X-ray to determine toothache cause

A toothache in itself is not a dental problem; it is a symptom of a dental problem. Depending on the nature and severity of your pain, a toothache might indicate:

There are many other possible causes of toothaches. Your dentist is the best person to assess the problem and provide an official diagnosis.

Preventing Toothaches

Woman holding toothbrush in front of healthy smile

Dr. Kar encourages all of his patients to adopt healthy habits that can reduce your risk of developing a toothache. Such habits include:

Treating Toothaches

Dental patient smiling after undergoing treatment for a toothache

Over the counter pain relievers and careful eating habits can help to mitigate the pain of a toothache. However, such actions do not address the underlying problem. You must visit a dentist for treatment. After Dr. Kar discusses your symptoms with you, examines your mouth, and perhaps orders some imaging scans, he will recommend a treatment. Possible ways to address a toothache include:

Are you experiencing a toothache? Do not ignore the problem. Get in touch with our practice to request an appointment. Dr. Kar will see you as soon possible and help you to once again enjoy a healthy, pain-free smile.

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