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Advanced Dental Implant Procedures – Allen, TX

Preparing Your Mouth to Support Dental Implants

Examining dental x-rayFrom beginning to end, the procedure for dental implants in Allen involves much more than most patients realize. It is a delicate process that often requires patients to undergo a bone graft or sinus lift. Such procedures, which help to fortify the bone and ensure that it is strong enough and large enough to support implants, are especially important for patients who have been without their teeth for a significant period of time. That is because bone deterioration begins to occur immediately after a tooth leaves its socket. The longer the tooth is missing, the thinner and weaker the bone becomes.

Here at Advanced Dental Care of Allen, Dr. Kar offers comprehensive implant dentistry. If you require a bone graft or sinus lift, he will use his expertise and experience as a prosthodontist to help you through this portion of your implant journey.

Bone Grafting

Oral surgery

If you have defects in your jawbone structure that may put your implants at risk, a bone graft can help to normalize the bone and make it strong enough to support your new teeth. Often, the bone that is used for the graft comes from a patient’s own body. However, it may also come from a bone bank. In some cases, synthetic material is used. Once the new bone is in place, a thin collagen membrane protects it so growing gum tissue doesn’t cause it to shrink.

It might be possible for your prosthodontist in Allen to place the implants at the same time you receive the bone graft. However, if there was a relatively large piece of new bone that was screwed into the area, you’ll have to undergo a healing period of at least a few months before you can receive implants. Following the graft, your body will accept the new bone as its own, ensuring that your future smile has the strongest base of support possible.

Sinus Lift

Sinus lift illustration

If you are going to receive implants to replace your posterior (back) teeth in the upper jaw, you may need to undergo a sinus lift. Following tooth loss, the sinuses may collapse into the space where the tooth roots once were, leaving just a thin layer of bone between your mouth and the sinuses. The sinus lift procedure gently repositions the sinuses so you can receive a bone graft and eventually experience all the benefits of implants from your dentist in Allen.

Why Choose Advanced Dental Care of Allen?

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Dr. Kar is an experienced prosthodontist who offers comprehensive implant dentistry. He will take great care as he helps you along your path to a new smile, from your initial complimentary consultation to the moment you receive your gorgeous, implant-supported teeth. To learn more about the dental implants procedure, contact our office today.